I am a textile artist specialising in the use of botanical dyes and the Japanese resist techniques of Shibori (stitch resist) and Katazome (paste resist).

I work with abstract patterns, the rhythm of lines and grids, the repetition of elements which are similar, but never the same. The concept of Ma (Japanese for interval or empty space) informs my work in many ways. It is the relationship between pattern and empty space, the transition from dark to light that interests me.

My motto is SLOW SUSTAINABLE HANDMADE - many of the processes I use are time consuming and require great care and I see pieces through from conception to completion. Wherever possible I use organic and/or GOTS certified fabrics, my favourites being linen, hemp, ramie and a hemp-cotton mix. I also work with vintage and antique fabrics.

I hope that the slow and thoughtful production of my textiles will inspire people to keep and cherish them for a long time.